Join Us in Supporting Haidar Awad for Hawthorne City Council

Elected Officials

  • John Chiang – California State Treasurer
  • Isadore Hall, III – California State Senator, District 35
  • Autumn Burke – California State Assembly Member, District 62
  • Paul Koretz – Los Angeles City Council Member, District 5
  • Steve Westly – California State Controller (2003-2007)
  • Mike Fong – Los Angeles Community College Trustee, Seat 7
  • Ray Cordova – Chairman, South County Labor, AFL-CIO*
  • James T. Butts – Mayor, City of Inglewood
  • Robert Pullen-Miles – Mayor, City of Lawndale
  • Alex Padilla – Inglewood City Council Member
  • Eloy Morales – Inglewood City Council Member
  • George Dotson – Inglewood City Council Member
  • Ralph Franklin – Inglewood City Council Member
  • Aide Castro – Lynwood City Council Member/Mayor
  • Rachel Johnson – Former Gardena City Council Member

Organized Labor

  • The Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO
  • Teamsters – Joint Council 42
  • AFSCME – District Council 36
  • Painters and Allied Trades – District Council 36
  • Laborers International Union of North America – Local 300
  • Laborers International Union of North America – Local 1309
  • International Alliance of Theatrical and State Employees Union – Local 80
  • International Alliance of Theatrical and State Employees Union – Local 33
  • American Federation of Musicians – Local 47

Business & Industry

  • California Small Business Association
  • Patricia Donaldson – President, Hawthorne Chamber of Commerce*
  • Reverend Phil Cookes – South Bay Celebration Assembly of God*
  • Sydney Kamlager, LA Community College District Board of Trustees
  • Pastor David Manila, New Beginnings Church


  • Reverend Phil Cookes, South Bay Celebration Assembly of God*
  • Reginal D. King, Global Capital Professional Services
  • Shelby Anderson, Active Cleaning
  • Anthony Thomas, Silk Transportation
  • Betty Patterson, LV Tours
  • John Bristol
  • David La Salle, Vice President of PD & Associates

Endorsement Quotes

California State Treasurer

John Chiang

State Controller John Chiang spends time with various constituants and “Haidar Awad is a leader who will take on Hawthorne’s financial challenge head on and bring transparency and accountability to the process.”

California State Senator

Isadore Hall

Isadore Hall, California State Senator “I strongly endorse Haidar Awad for city council because he has the experience and financial expertise to make Hawthorne a vibrant and thriving community for our families.  Haidar shares our values and has the dedication and strong work ethic to make us proud.”

LA Community College Trustee, Seat 7

Mike Fong

Mike Fong, LA Community College Trustee, Seat 7 “As a Trustee of the Los Angeles Community College Board I am happy to endorse Haidar Awad for Hawthorne City Council. Haidar will improve city government and empower the lives of people living and doing business in the City of Hawthorne.”

Los Angeles City Councilman

Paul Koretz

Paul Koretz, Los Angeles City Councilman “I am very happy to endorse Haidar Awad. I believe he is well qualified to be a new City Councilman and help make the City of Hawthorne a well run and successful city. He is the right type of leader not only for Hawthorne, but for the future of elected leaders in our state.”

Mayor of Inglewood

James T. Butts

Jim Butts, Mayor of Inglewood, CA “Haidar Awad is a natural leader who will go above and beyond to make sure Hawthorne remains the great city it is for many years to come.  He is committed to increasing economic development in Hawthorne by maintaining good quality of business while revitalizing the local economy by making the city more business friendly.”


* Title is for identification purposes only

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